Hi Denmark

You seem nice.

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Post Mortem

Excuse the sentimental and extremely dark title. I am not dead. Just my blog (according to my brother). It has been a week since I landed in SoCal. And I have put off the blog for several reasons. I was jet lagged. I was sick. I was busy. But mostly I just didn’t want to admit that Denmark was gone. Quite depressing.

Monday was generally spent in my own company. I was shopping for candy and cheese and whatever else I could think of for my family. And packing. And packing. And packing. So super exciting. Slowly taking apart the room that had served as a sort of scrap book for the last 6 months. However as I was packing it became increasingly clear that there was no way that everything was going to fit in my two suitcases. Well dammit.

Tuesday morning I woke up to finish packing and organizing my stuff. Then Farmor came over with Niels. I gave her all my left over food, and the things she had lent me. I think I forgot a few towels though … but most of the stuff anyway. We loaded up their car and then walked to Roedovre Centrum. Here we walked around (while Farmor restrained herself from buying anything) and then met Marna. We had lunch… typical Danish fare. Something called a Stjerneskud, or a shooting star. Basically bread with a fried fish filet, shrimp, and caviar. And a few slices of lemons and some mayo. It is an art in itself just getting it all stacked on one piece of bread. After this we picked up a box at the post office. For my extra stuff. 

We walked back to the house, and then the true tragedy happened. They strapped my bike to the car. Ok … they strapped Farmor’s bike to her car. Depressing to the max. (Have you caught on to my “depressing” theme yet? I know I doing a fairly good job of keeping it subtle..)

I said goodbye to Farmor, Niels and Marna, and then watched them drive away with the bike strapped to the back of their car. Later that evening I walked to the S train station. I was meeting Lise and Louise, my cousins, for a last dinner. I had forgotten that everything would take twice as long to get to without my bike so all of the sudden I was in a big hurry. I got there on time though, and we had a nice pre-birthday (for Lise) / goodbye dinner (for me). Mexican food too. Slowly easing me back into Californian culture. I walked back to the S train and was home before 12. Tucked into bed for the last time. Depressing? I think so.

The next morning I packed a box of the clothes that wouldn’t fit in my suitcase and then at 10:30 Malin came over. We walked to Roedovre Centrum and sent my clothes off to California. Then we picked up some bread and pastries at the bakery. We had breakfast and sat and talked and pretended that it was just another brunch. Then we loaded my luggage into Malin’s car and pretended they were just my excessive purses. Then we drove to the airport and pretended we were just taking another tourist destination trip. Because who doesn’t want to see Copenhagen airport. It’s ranked quite high as far as airports go, as Malin pointed out. We drove through Copenhagen listening to our Copenhagen soundtrack and living in pretend land. I got checked in and paid for my tickets and then me and Malin met up with Lise and Louise. We had a Starbucks drink (again, easing me back into Cali-culture) and sat and talked as I got increasingly stressed and nervous and freaked out about leaving. Malin, Lise, and Louise walked me up to security – and then we said our goodbyes. I didn’t cry, but I am pretty sure that’s because I was still living in “I’m just seeing this airport for fun” land. And the fact that I was leaving seemed distant.

As I was sitting on the plane waiting for take off I felt the truth of the situation roll over me and tears started to threaten. “So how are you doing?” I turn and am confronted with a middle aged man, who (by way of accent- and later confirmation) is clearly from Minnes-ooo-ta. He is very nice but clearly interupting my deep and profound realization that I am leaving. If this was a Dane there would have been no conversation at all. But this was an American. Much more keen on talking. He wasn’t very good at listening tough, because he must have asked me at least 3 times why I had been in Denmark. Didn’t seem to register with him that I had been a student in Denmark. I didn’t really mind it, and after a while he moved over, since the plane was relatively empty, so I had a whole row to myself. I waved goodbye to Denmark. And spent the next nine hours listening to music, eating, and watching movies. And then I arrived in HELL. Chicago’s airport. The least self-explanatory, most confusing, pretty ugly, airport I have every been in. I will say that the 10 different people I asked for help were all very nice and knowledgeable… probably because people constantly ask them for help. I ended up finding my gate and finding my plane and even made it with an hour to spare. But I think half of my hair was ripped out at this point and I just collapsed on a seat and waited for boarding.

This flight was only about 5 hours long, but for some reason I had told myself it was only 2 and a half hours… way to dissapoint myself. But once again I had a whole row to myself, was offered a magazine from a nice guy sitting in front of me, and made it to John Wayne Airport without any problems. Other than extreme exhaustion.

And there was my family. I felt so small. I was engulfed by my mama and dad and my siblings who are all significantly taller than I am and I just kind of dissapeared in a tide of Damgaards. We got my luggage and then headed to the car. The first thing I noticed when I went outside was how damn hot it was. I was wearing waay too many layers. Note to self – you are back in Cali, where woolen socks are not necessary. In fact, they are pretty much just a punch line in a joke.

So now I am back in Callifornia, waiting for school to start in April, trying to find a job, and trying to get used to wearing jeans without leggings underneath. Feels weird.

PS I have been nominated for some kind of exchange student blog thing. So if you want you can vote for me. http://www.lexiophiles.com/english/vote-for-your-favorite-ix12-blog-2  Mine is “Hi Denmark”. You should do it : ) Ends in 2 days. so no pressure.